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Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

Dear Friend,

As a parent, you know that the issues with adult children can be endless, starting with the twenty-something who can’t get his act together or the college grad who returns home for an extended stay. Then there’s the young married who keeps requesting loans, the thirty-something with a drinking problem, and the forty-something who’s getting a messy divorce. And need we mention the difficult daughter-in-law who either restricts access to your grandchildren or expects you to be available 24/7 for babysitting? Unreturned phone calls and emails are a fact of life as well as unacknowledged birthdays and casually cancelled get-togethers. Finally, you and your spouse don’t see eye-to-eye on your child’s behavior. The word “challenging” doesn’t even begin to cover it.  

This site is for you! Parents of Grown Offspring is the place to get advice from credentialed experts and other parents, but it’s also the place to make your voice heard. Please weigh in on the sticky situations we describe each week, where the players are disguised but the issues are always real. We’re all ears . . .

We look forward to hearing from you. Let us know what you think.

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