Parents of Grown Offspring (POGO) offers constructive, supportive strategies for family issues.

Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

  When three generations are involved, relationships can get strained.  Many grandparents would like to forge a relationship with their grandchildren that’s independent of the kids’ parents, but they’re stymied in the attempt. How would you make it work in Going Directly to the Grandchildren?

   The world of work is changing so rapidly that the things many of us thought we knew about companies, jobs, benefits, and work security simply don’t apply anymore. Get some perspective on your role as your adult children’s vocational counselor in Their Career/Your Advice.

   Finally, every so often a novel comes along that portrays a whole family as both archetypes and clearly defined individuals. Joanna Trollope’s absorbing work of fiction, Daughters-in-Law, is such a work. This novel will make you examine your own capacity for letting go and accepting family members as they are.

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