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Barbara Greenleaf

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This week I tackle the eternal debate of nature vs. nurture. Many of our grown children are at an age when we can see how they “turned out” and we’re having doubts about our earlier child rearing practices. Either settling the issue or adding fuel to the fire, depending on your point of view, biological psychiatrist Dr. Paul Horovitz has decided views on the subject based on scientific research. See if you agree with him in Second Guessing Your Parenting? Guess Again.

Barbara at the birthplace of Elvis

For Elvis lovers, of which I am one, it’s good to know that this country boy doted on his mother, Gladys. Last October I had the opportunity to visit the original Presley home in Tupelo, which is now a Mississippi historical site. When I think that Elvis made it up from that two-room, shotgun shack to the mega-mansion he called Graceland, I’m more impressed with him than ever. First read Elvis and Gladys: A Love Story and then listen to his recording of Mama, which will mean more to you after you understand the depth of his feelings toward his devoted mother.
To finish up on a light note, I want to share an old cartoon I unearthed as I was cleaning out my office this week. Although the protagonists are the owl and the pussycat, I think we can all relate to the mother’s sentiments in I Never Approved.

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