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Barbara Greenleaf

The mother-daughter relationship seems to be more fraught than any of the others in the immediate family. Here, Susan Adcox tells us why and provides sensible tips on navigating its rockier shoals. Pick up some good pointers in My Grown Daughter/My Self.
And here’s the science behind the above-mentioned fraught relationship. See what Emily Glover uncovered when she researched why emotions were so heightened in this particular female-to-female dynamic. Check it out in Brain Chemistry Links Mothers and Daughters.  
For once I’m writing up a film you MUST MISS—except for one segment, a wonderful star turn by Susan Sarandon. Sarandon is very funny as the mother of an estranged daughter who’s now hitting her up for an “investment” in an iffy new business venture. I watched Mothers and Daughters: The Movie because the title fits in with the theme of this week’s POGO, but, after reading my review, feel free to fast forward about an hour in to catch Sarandon doing her thing.

Here I am with Marilyn Gilbert, faithful POGO subscriber and community volunteer extraordinaire. Marilyn was the founding mother of Opera Santa Barbara, still sings (beautifully) in local choruses, and is the engine behind private concerts in beautiful homes to benefit Westmont College’s music program. It’s the interaction with followers such as Marilyn that make POGO so rewarding for me.

Barbara Greenleaf and Marilyn Gilbert

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