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Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

Dear Friend,   

If people ask, "So, what are the kids up to?", we can more or less (often less) explain their jobs. But when the career of the daughter of one of our POGO fathers took an unexpected turn, he was initially at a loss to describe what she did for a living. Please join me in applauding the tremendous support and love Ross Brown showed for the newly minted "Sapphire Jones" in My Daughter-the-Burlesque Queen.
Sticking with the show biz theme for the moment, I'm happy to bring you the smash hit song of 1928, My Yiddishe Momme (Mama), sung by that incomparable vaudevillian Sophie Tucker. Obviously, you don't have to be Jewish to love the sentimental lyrics, because millions have listened to the song over the years whether sung by Tucker or slews of other performers, including Ray Charles, Tom Jones, and Billie Holliday. I kid you not! Listen and long for the time when mothers were their children's prize possession. Back in the day it was Mother's Day all year long.
Bringing us back to the present, I am including a puzzler regarding parents' disapproval of their son's wedding plans. See if you agree or disagree with our panelists as they advise the parents in Wedding Blues.

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