Wedding Blues


Dale and John Schmidt are committed Christians, who brought up their three children to say grace before every meal and attend church every Sunday. Now their middle son, Seth, is marrying a non-believer who chose a co-worker—a man who got his officiant's license off the Internet the previous week—to conduct their wedding ceremony. How should the Schmidts handle it?

--Should they grin and bear it?
--Should they pressure Seth and his fiancée to use their minister?
--Should they boycott the wedding in protest?
--Should they encourage their future daughter-in-law to go to church with them?

The Panel Weighs In

Joel: The Schmidts should discuss their feelings with their son, otherwise resentments will fester. However, no matter what the outcome of the discussion, they have to attend the wedding to show support.

Missy: I think the Schmidts should keep their mouths shut and their ears open. Pressure can only backfire. It's the kids' day and all the choices about the wedding should be theirs alone.

Eduardo: The Schmidts should move beyond the wedding and build new family-oriented, religion-centered occasions that are meaningful to them.

Sujin: If Seth were such a devout Christian, he wouldn't agree to his fiancée's choice of officiant. Maybe his values are not as aligned with his folks' as they think.

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