Too Close for Comfort?


Todd grew up in a tiny Michigan town, population 7,500. Although now living on the East Coast, he returns a few times a year to visit old friends, extended family, children and grandchildren. All was going well until he decided to buy a vacation home in the town and spend more time there. He found a beautiful property, which happened to be a half-mile from the home of his daughter, Lisa.
     After hearing that he would be down the road, she flipped out, accusing him of wanting to spy on her, cramp her style, and take her children away from their scheduled activities to be with him. Her tirade came out of the blue—especially since he had just built a tool shed for her—and left Todd shocked and hurt. What should he do—back off and withdraw his offer on the vacation house? Reach out again to Lisa to explain that her upscale neighborhood is really the only game in town? Say the hell with it and go ahead with his plans despite her hostility?

The Panel Weighs In

Jim: Todd should go ahead but work at reestablishing his relationship with Lisa.

Carla: He should go ahead while letting Lisa know that he will essentially keep to himself, will make appointments to see the kids, and will never just drop in.

Cathy: Lisa’s reaction is understandable; everyone wants his own space. Todd should look for another property—on the other side of town.

Stan: The first thing he should do is dismantle that shed!

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