Sink or Swim?


Dawn’s son, Mark, is considering taking a job at a vitamin-supplement company. Mark is dazzled by the possibility of making a big pot of money through its pyramid sales operation. Something about the company didn’t feel right to his mother, who investigated and found out it had a shady reputation. On the one hand, she’s tempted to let Mark join them and learn a life lesson about making bad decisions. On the other hand, she fears he may unwittingly get drawn into something illegal that could haunt him for the rest of his life.

--Should Dawn tell her son what she’s learned and then back off?
--Should she stay mum to teach him to “look before you leap”?
--Is she obligated to warn him since something illegal might be going on?

The Panel Weighs In

Alex: Even if the company does operate on the dark side, Mark will be too new and too far down the ladder for him to get into any real trouble if it goes south. I think learning about pyramid sales represent an invaluable opportunity for him no matter what, so Dawn should sit down and clam up.

Jackie: I disagree. Tough love sounds good in theory, but when your son’s future is at stake, you have to do all you can to keep him from taking a serious misstep. Based on what she’s learned, Dawn needs to throw herself across the employment contract and shout, “No!”

Kurt: I think Dawn is obligated to share her intel with Mark. He sounds young and inexperienced and could use all the help he can get. If he decides to go ahead with the job anyway despite what Dawn’s unearthed, at least her conscience will be clear that she did all she could to warn him.

Diana: Mark is an adult and should be treated like one. Dawn has to trust that her son is doing what’s right for himself right now. . .And then she has to keep herself busy by keeping her fingers crossed.

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