This is Us, the Show that Continues to Amaze


This is Us: After two seasons on NBC, this ensemble series continues to amaze. Packing enormous emotional punch This is Us shows us what it means to raise triplets and hold a marriage together in real life. In the Pearson family “real life” includes a father with a drinking problem, a mother who’s put her dreams on hold, a daughter with weight issues, a son with a so-so acting career, and another son who struggles with the identity problems of being adopted and black in a white family. Although all this sounds unbearably grim, it’s not. Somehow, the writers have been able to relieve the heavier moments with many scenes of great tenderness, humor, and humanity.
     Gliding back and forth between the family’s early days and the present--the triplets are now thirty-something—this series makes you think about the effects of sibling rivalry, the limits of parental power, and the reason family is still important even after the “kids” are all grown up. This is Us features a standout cast that includes Milo Ventimiglia, Mandy Moore, Chrissy Metz, Sterling K. Brown, and Justin Hartley. Since This is Us is head and shoulders above just about anything else on commercial television, not to mention truly addictive, I recommend starting at Season 1, Episode 1 and bingeing. I guarantee you’ll only want to get up to refill your popcorn bowl.

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