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Jeannine’s young adult son, Jamie, has a huge dog named Leo that he loves to pieces. Jeannine is expected to ooh and aah over the dog when she goes to Jamie’s apartment, and then she is expected to babysit him in her home when her son travels for business, which is quite often.                  Jeannine can’t stand Leo, who sheds all over her and her house, pulls her down the street when she’s walking him, and never stops barking.  Knowing how enamored Jamie is of the dog, she is hesitant to speak up. Should Jeannine bite the bullet and suggest a trainer? Make up excuses for not babysitting Leo? Or just sit down and shut up in the interests of a good mother/son relationship?

The panel weighs in

Gabriel: She should tell James how she really feels about Leo and then bow out of the dog-sitting gig. If Jamie travels for business, he can afford to pay someone to watch his dog and shouldn’t impose on his mother.

Nanci: Jeannine should suffer in silence rather than jeopardize her precious relationship with her son. I’m sure Jamie is very appreciative of all she does for him. Besides, he may give her grandchildren one day.

Stefan: Just say no.

Bobbie: Continue taking care of Leo but put a time limit on it. A day here or there is okay; one full week of having the dog in residence is not.