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10 Unusual Things to Do with your Kids on Mother’s Day

If your young adult kid is in the vicinity, what you probably really want is to spend time with him or her on your special day. This year why not throw mega hints or take I.O.U.’s for something out of the ordinary that you two can do together? It’s magical when you’re in a different environment, sharing an unusual experience. Of course, some things may be off limits for you. If you hate heights, for example, feel free to veto the hot air balloon ride. On the other hand, if you love to cook, a private session with a professional chef would probably send you over the moon. I urge you to literally expand your horizons as you think about a Mother’s Day excursion you’ll both enjoy. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

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  1. Muddy the Waters. Let your child take you to mineral springs for a relaxing soak. It’s even better if there are mud baths because everyone looks funny covered in slime!
  2. Have your Palms Read. There must be a fortune teller in your town who can let you know what the future holds. You two will giggle about this visit for years to come.
  3. Eat an Exotic Meal. You’ve patronized a thousand Italian restaurants in your lifetime. Isn’t it time try something new, like Tibetan cuisine? Of course, if you can’t tolerate spicy foods, maybe this is not the time to experiment with Cuban.
  4. Book a Tour.  Be a tourist in your own hometown or nearby tourist attraction. You’ll see these familiar sites from a whole new perspective.  I, for one, have always wanted to see Mt. Rushmore (hint, hint . . .).
  5. Try a Different Kind of Massage. Ooh and aah during a massage for two with a twist, such as a hot stone treatment. Everything goes so much more smoothly when you’re both uber-relaxed.
  6. Attend a Church Service. It’s bonding and eye-opening to explore a new sacred space together; you’ll be amazed at the diversity of worship close by.
  7. Live Like a Pharaoh. Stay overnight at a hotel with themed rooms. How can you not laugh when your bedroom is decorated in early Elvis or your bathroom is a sarcophagus?
  8. Shop ‘Til You Drop. Outlet stores have something for everyone, designer to down-market. Take a break at the food court and compare bargains. Since you can fetch for one another in the dressing room, two shoppers are definitely better than one.
  9. Be Uplifted. Spend the day at a museum, attend a lecture, take in a live performance, see a documentary film. There’ll be plenty to discuss afterward.
  10. Hop on Segways, paddle down a river, rent bikes, walk in the woods. If you and your child are athletic types, get moving! Like the nine previous suggestions, joining one another’s world communicates more effectively than words just how much you love each other.
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