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Barbara Greenleaf

Many ills can befall parents and their grown offspring, but surely one of the worst is anorexia, a complex and sometimes deadly eating disorder. In a society obsessed with thinness, many young women and, increasingly, young men, feel they can never be thin enough. Since parents and grandparents are in a quandary as to how to cope, I put together this issue to provide some insights, direction, hope, and humanity.
I start with an overview of the illness in Anorexia, the Eating Disorder from Hell. Here, the Mayo Clinic and Deborah Levinson, LCSW, who has successfully treated many anorexics, alert us to the causes and symptoms of the disease as well as ways to treat the disorder.
The next piece, A Grown Daughter’s Death, is Laura Kenig’s moving tribute to the child she lost to anorexia. I was privileged to share the stage with Laura when she spoke so eloquently of her beloved daughter’s losing battle with this insidious disease.
When Laura walked to the podium, Sara Thomsen’s Holy Angels was playing behind her. I finish this post with Thomsen’s other-worldly song.

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