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 Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

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In my earlier blog, What Do You Owe Your Grown Child,? parents gave a wide range of responses to that question. More recently I asked the younger generation to weigh in on their own set of familial responsibilities via a questionnaire I circulated at Antioch University Santa Barbara. You may be surprised by their answers in What Do I Owe My Parents?
Having just visited the headquarters of the AIDS Memorial Quilt in Atlanta, I found my consciousness was raised about the family dynamics surrounding homosexuality. That led to this week’s puzzler, In the Closet? See if you agree with the panel’s advice to a father who doesn’t know how—or even if—to broach the subject of his son’s sexual orientation with him.
With the ultimate family gathering of Thanksgiving right around the corner, I conclude this post with a gospel rendition of So Much to Be Grateful For. Performed here by Calvin Bridges and the Faith Tabernacle Voices, the song opens our hearts to the many blessings in our lives.

Wishing you a wonderful holiday,

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Americans of a certain age are obsessed with their health, which makes the subject so susceptible to lampooning. The editors at Boomer Café found they could relate to my latest effort, “And How Are You?” I hope you will experience the same funny shock of recognition as they did when you go to Boomer Café.

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