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 Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

Dear Friend,   

     I kick off this issue of POGO with a tongue-in-cheek look at our adult children’s whimsical job titles in Parent to Adult Child: “What Is It that You Do, Exactly? It’s always been hard for parents to grasp the scope of their kids’ employment, but today’s zany titles and fast-changing workplace don’t help the situation at all. I hope this light-hearted piece gives you a chuckle as well as insight into what your grown offspring do when they walk out the door each morning.
     Next, we’re fortunate in having a guest article penned by Donne Davis, the founder of GaGa Sisterhood, “Where Grandmas Bond, Brag, and Benefit.” Donne has shared some savvy pearls of wisdom with us in Learning the Boundaries of Communication. Whether it’s dealing with a difficult daughter-in-law, a recalcitrant son, or any other family member, Donne’s smart communication practices will stand you in good stead.
     Finally, this issue’s puzzler deals with putting the brakes on a free-spending—and freeloading—millennial. Since so many of the concerns parents share with me have to do with the giving and taking of money, I feel we can’t look at financial scenarios often enough. How do you think one mother should go about reigning in her son in Spendthrift Adult Child?

Keep cool!

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