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 Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

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Among the many things we can’t control as parents of adult children is their relationship to one another. Some sibs are best friends, others can’t stand the sight of their sister or brother. Terry Haward has written about the latter situation most eloquently in A Mother’s Regret: When Grown Siblings Don’t Get Along. In this moving piece she contrasts her own close ties to her sister with the broken ties between her daughters.
A family problem of another sort rears it head in The Evil Step-Grandmother. Playing out the difficult daughter-in-law theme, this week’s scenario describes a vindictive young mom who is using her child to get back at her father’s second wife.
Finally, I’m happy to share one of my guilty pleasures, A Place to Call Home, which is a multi-generational saga (a.k.a. soap opera) that looks at family relations in an upper-class Australian family. I always say if you have to combat all kinds of no-goodniks, you might as well do it in posh surroundings wearing good clothes.

Laugh Along with Me . . .

I’ve been having fun with my humor writing. A juried panel asked me to read two of my light poems at a recent “Out Loud” event, and just featured my personal essay, If He Didn’t Eat it when he was Five, He Ain’t Gonna Eat it Now. All I can say is, my husband is a great sport! I hope this piece makes you chuckle.

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