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 Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

  Nothing seems more prevalent—or galling—to parents of grown offspring than the difficult daughter-in-law. To kick off our sometime series on this topic, here’s a piece on the origins of this baffling, divisive, and sometimes gratuitously mean individual. The Difficult Daughter-in-Law: What's Her Problem? 
     This issue’s thorny situation revolves around a new kind of triangle: a daughter, her father, and her dumped boyfriend. See The Ex-Boyfriend Wants Me as an Ally and think about what you would do—if anything—to influence the outcome. Our panel has its own views on the subject.
     Finally, we are providing a link to Jay-Z’s deeply felt rap song, Adnis. Now a father himself, Jay-Z swings between bitterness over and forgiveness toward his absentee father. A moody black and white video with Mahershala Ali and Danny Glover accompanies the song.

    Continuing my foray into the funny side of aging, I wrote a short essay entitled “Height: The Long and the Short of It” that recently appeared on the Boomer Café website. Laugh along with me if you, too, don’t quite measure up to where you were.

     Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

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It Worked for Me

Easter Dinner

As each of our daughters became engaged, my wife and I announced that they could be absent on any holiday except Easter; Easter was ours. To avoid hurt feelings, we always invite their in-laws, too.

- Michael B., Ann Arbor

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