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 Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

When a grandmother sees her adult son pushing his teenager to the brink of exhaustion, she feels compelled to speak up. But how? This grandmother knows her son will get defensive and possibly break off their relationship if she intimates that he’s living out his fantasy of becoming a star athlete through the boy. Think about what course of action she should take in Pushing Too Hard.
          When one of our children is constantly oppositional while another is easy and affectionate, it’s hard not to feel more warmly toward the latter. We swear that we love our children equally, yet—being human—we sometimes don’t act or they don’t perceive it that way. Take a look at the lifelong ramifications of this dynamic in Playing Favorites.
            Finally, enjoy a more lighthearted take on the theme of favorites as played out by the Smothers Brothers in their classic TV routine, Mom Liked You Best.     

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