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 Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

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     Unfortunately, the opioid crisis too often hits home, so it’s no wonder articles on addiction are POGO’s most-searched pieces on the internet. This week we continue the series with insights into how to motivate a young adult abuser to seek treatment. We go step-by-step in Drug Addiction: It’s a Family Affair, Part 4: How an Intervention Really Works
     Then we lighten up with Get the Family and Go Camping!, a guest article by Gail M. Kearns, the co-author of The Gourmet Girls Go Camping Cookbook: Amazing Meals Straight from Your Campfire. According to Kearns, camping is a great way to make memories with your kids and grandkids. As a lucky extra, Gail shares one of her recipes with us, a first for POGO. 
     Finally, our panel was really vexed by this issue’s thorny situation, If you See Something, Say Something, because it deals with infidelity in an adult child’s marriage. When parents know their son-in-law is cheating—but their daughter doesn’t—what are they to do?

Boomer Café recently featured another one of my humorous pieces on aging. Hope you enjoy reading “Where, Oh, Where Has My Little Waist Gone?” as much as I enjoyed writing it. Click here to see if you can relate:

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