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 Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

Welcome to POGO 2018! You may notice a few changes in the website: I’ve organized our articles into categories to help you find them more easily, and I’ve added a search bar to assist in the process. I’ve also added a new feature, “It Works for Me,” in which readers pass along their personal successes with their adult children, and I invite you to share yours.
      Also new in 2018 is our coverage of the divorce/adult child equation. In the past we’ve looked at blended family issues, but now we’re going to cover “gray divorce,” your children’s divorce, and grand-parenting in the age of divorce. Here’s the first in the series, Divorce After a Long-Term Marriage, which explores the aftereffects of the split on all members of an adult family.
      I’ve also started to ask readers to serve as sometime panelists for the sticky situation scenarios. Just let me know if you would like to put in your two cents, and I’ll call you for your comments. In this issue the first panel is weighing in on how clashing concepts privacy and space blew up in one father’s face in Too Close for Comfort?
     One thing that will not change in 2018 is hearing from the world of entertainment, literature, music, and humor. In this issue I am delighted to recommend a good read, The Bridge Ladies, by Betsy Lerner. This funny, touching, and insightful memoir describes how one middle-aged daughter and her elderly mother finally came together over a good game of cards.
     Wishing you all good things in the new year,

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It Works for Me

Economic Responsibility

Every year on their birthdays, I give my grown children one hour with a financial planner. It’s peace of mind for me and a healthy dose of “adulating” for them.

- Janey P., New Orleans


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