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 Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

When POGOs are told they are about to become grandparents, they are over the moon. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t issues to be navigated if the grands want to set the tone for a happy relationship with the new parents going forward. See what we learned about making things go smoothly in Bringing Home Baby.
       The title of our current difficult situation, Our Son-in-Law Has No Ambition, sums up the dilemma faced by one of our readers. This father-in-law cannot reconcile himself to the idea of his daughter being married to a househusband. Which of our panelists handles it the way you would?
       Lest we forget that there is a lot to laugh about in parenting young adults, we’re winding up this week’s update with a cartoon I call, “He Peaked Too Young.” When I think about the 17-year-olds taking home medals from the winter Olympics, I wonder if this will be the apex of their lives, too. 

    Continuing my foray into the funny side of aging, I wrote a short essay entitled “Height: The Long and the Short of It” that recently appeared on the Boomer Café website. Laugh along with me if you, too, don’t quite measure up to where you were.

Hope you enjoyed the long Presidents’ Day Weekend. My second grandchild turns 13 this week. Yikes! It seems as though he was born just last year. . . 

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It Worked for Me

They Always Pay Something

I no longer give my adult children big-ticket items without some financial buy-in from them. This saves us both “handout resentment” and fosters pride in self-sufficiency.

- Ben G., Philadelphia

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