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 Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

In the past people automatically named an adult child, close friend or financial institution as executor of their estate. But today there’s another option: the private professional fiduciary. A relatively new phenomenon, the professional fiduciary takes the burden off loved ones at a difficult time and, frankly, does a better job of it. See if it’s for you in Why Not to Name Your Child as Executor.
       You, your adult child, and your adult child’s dog: Is three a crowd? Meet Janine and her son’s great big dog, Leo. The son travels, the dog doesn’t and Janine is usually the designated babysitter—for days on end.  Read Arf!, check in with our panel, and decide how you would handle the situation. 
       From the perspective of adulthood, singer/songwriter Brandi Carlile has a lot to say about her parents in the just-released album, By the Way I Forgive You. . . Give a listen to Most of All to find out how two warring parents give advice that doesn’t fit gender expectations. 


        Finally, I just had to share that my husband, Jon, was recognized by the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation on their facebook page for the ab/fab dollhouses he creates and donates to little girls undergoing chemotherapy. An avalanche of Facebook friends I didn’t know I had expressed their admiration for his work, and rightly so.

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It Worked for Me

I’m No Longer Coy

I decided I can’t expect my grown kids to be mind readers. I now make my expectations clear, and more often than not, they step up to fulfill them.

- Sarah L, Fargo

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