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 Barbara Greenleaf

Barbara Greenleaf

  As you’ve seen on television, we’ve had a rough time of it in Santa Barbara and Montecito. Since my husband and I live miles from where the fire and mudslides occurred, our lives have been largely unaffected. However, almost all our friends were evacuated twice—some had never gotten back into their homes after the first evac—and one friend lost her house altogether in the mudslides. With the rest of the community, we mourn the 20 known dead and four missing as of this writing. Many thanks to all of you who have expressed your concern for us and, of course, the greatest thanks to our spectacular firefighters and rescue crews. Appreciation also goes to our peerless web designer, Cynthia Burt, because she was without Internet (as well as other services) for days, but as soon as she was reconnected, she got out POGO’s first issue of 2018.
          In the second issue for 2018, we’re highlighting the reverse mortgage and what it could mean for you and your adult children. Although this loan instrument has gotten a bad rap, it may be the best or only financial solution for you right now. See Reverse Mortgage: Worth Looking Into.
         We’re also looking at a thorny situation entitled On Call because one daughter-in-law treats her in-laws as if they should always be on standby to babysit—from 1,000 miles away. See what our panel has to say about her attitude and think about how you would handle it.
         Finally, we review the marvelous TV show, This is Us. Thanks to a terrific ensemble cast and smart writing, this series makes a good case for the relevancy of the adult family in today’s world.
         Here’s to better days!

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I now jot down everything I want to ask my son during our regular weekly phone call. I used to contact him several times a week, which annoyed him and made me feel too needy.

- Allison R., Milwaukee


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